Harmony House Receives Misty Bennett’s Seeds of Hope Gift

The photo to the right features, from left to right: Support Specialist, Misty VanHoose, WVBHI Director, Donna DeHart, Assistant Director for Cabell-Huntington Coalition for the Homeless, Marissa Clark and WVBHI Misty’s Seeds of Hope Chair and BOD, Dan Snuffer.

Misty Bennett’s first “Seeds of Hope” fundraising and community outreach sponsorship is with the Harmony House serving the local communities of West Virginia’s Cabell and Wayne counties.  Through this community outreach sponsorship, the Harmony House will be in a position to better assist the homeless community in Cabell and Wayne counties procure mammograms and detection services to a part of our local community which is primarily uninsured.  At WVBHI, we believe that people from all walks of life deserve basic medical care needs including the detection of breast cancer.  To that end, WVBHI stands with the homeless community of West Virginia to help in this effort.  WVBHI could not have found a better partnership than the Harmony House to fulfill this need.  For more information about the Harmony House and to discover how they help the Cabell and Wayne county communities in West Virginia, please take a moment and read the below.

From Marissa Clark, Assistant Director for Harmony House, “Harmony House is the only drop-in day shelter in Cabell and Wayne Counties serving individuals experiencing homelessness. Our multipurpose day shelter provides a safe space to access showers, laundry, food, clothing, job readiness services, and supportive housing services for the homeless.

Harmony House affirms the right of all people to adequate food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. We believe these are human rights and should be available to everyone.

To that end, the mission of Harmony House is to provide those basic resources and housing to the homeless and formerly homeless of the Huntington area, as well as to collaborate with partner agencies for the provision of such basic resources.”